Football betting scams you need to look out of

Football Predictions

| 09.07.2020
Football betting scams you need to look out of

Football betting on its own comes with different challenges. However, what is most painful to see nowadays is bettors losing their money to scams. Every day, several websites pop up on the web, and it is not unusual to come across a scam website.

There are so many fake experts out there selling football tips for a large amount of money. These scams come in different varieties, and if you're not careful, it is easy to fall for them.
In this article, we would be exposing some popular betting scams in Tanzania and their sneaky tactics. From telegram channels to fake Instagram accounts and scam websites, you would see some real examples and how they operate. So, sit tight and enjoy the ride.

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So many telegram channels are notorious for scams. They claim to have to fixed matches, get people to pay, and rob punters of their hard-earned money. These guys have their ways of attracting greedy bettors. Personally, I advise bettors to stay away from any telegram channel offering football tips or fixed matches.

Telegram Channel Screenshot Scam

Figure 1.Example of Telegram Scams

Now, let me explain their tricks. First, they try to get your attention by spamming their way into other telegram channels or WhatsApp groups you’re on. They get your attention by sharing campaigns about helping you make more money from betting with fixed matches. I'm sure you would have seen one of these adverts at one point in time.

Telegram football predictions fraud channel

Once you click their campaign links, they add you to their free channel. They always start with a free channel. It's from there they sell their convincing lies.
Most times, they share screenshots of people's messages that thanking them for a job well done. They share these screenshots after matches and convince you that you can be a part of it if you join their paid VIP group.

It is easy to know that these images are forged them, and nobody is really sending them ‘thank you’ messages. They might seldom drop some predictions before the matches to fool you into paying for the VIP channel.

If they are lucky, some of their fake predictions might come true, giving them more room to sell their lies. However, if their predictions fail, they tell you the predictions were free picks and that the real deal is on their VIP channel.
These scam telegram channels are always out to get greedy bettors, regardless of how convincing they might be. It is safer to avoid them completely.


Many bettors have lost a lot of money to self-acclaimed experts on Instagram. With social media, many scammers have been able to trick desperate punters. All these Instagram scams operate the same way, and it is not difficult to spot them.

Instagram fake tipster screenshot

The first thing to notice with these Instagram accounts is that they have zero transparency. They mostly do on their account to post videos and pictures of themselves living a luxurious life. They share videos of themselves in an expensive car, eating costly meals and other forms of a luxurious lifestyle. I have even noticed that many of them have a photo of a pile of cash as their display picture.

They sell you a fantasy that all their lifestyle can be yours if you join their VIP program. Once in a while, they might share easy picks that might win and tell you there is more only if you are ready to pay for their VIP program where you would get more.

They keep referring to their simple wins and claim they make more wins. The truth is that many of these scammers only make their money by scamming unsuspecting bettors.
Once all you see on an Instagram account are the videos and pictures of their lavish lifestyle, it is a scam, and you should run from it. They have nothing to offer you. In fact, run away from any Instagram account selling free bets.

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These scams have also moved to the world wide web. With well-designed websites, these scammers can trick bettors.

Again, the aim is to get you to pay for expert football tips and fixed games. So, how would you know them? First, many of them never a history of their predictions. Those that even display their history would often show results they never produced. If you follow them closely, they would only show results after the matches.

fake tipster website


Whenever they share a free prediction before a match that fails, they delete it minutes after the match to avoid any suspicion from their users. Once they are lucky enough to make a successful free prediction, they can trick people into paying them for more sure bets. All this lack of transparency just proves that they can't be trusted.

You should be very careful of these sites because many are notorious for selling their user's account information. By merely asking for some of your account details, they can steal all the money in your account. This is more reason why you should run away from sites that appear shady.


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In the world of football betting today, you have to be very careful. Many scammers are out to get your money. The best way to be more assured of a safe and sure forecast is by using a good prediction site. By utilizing a prediction site that uses mathematical analysis to arrive at their predictions, you can be sure to win more bets. 

What’s more, a good prediction offers you all its services for free. That's amazing, right. You don't have to pay anything to have access to their services. You get first-class football betting tips regularly, and you also get safe match predictions before the match.

So, to avoid losing your hard-earned money, desist from patronizing scammers. Your best bet at making more money is by using a trusted and transparent prediction site.

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