EPL BETTING 101 – Everything you need to know before placing a bet

| 09.07.2020
EPL BETTING 101 – Everything you need to know before placing a bet

EPL BETTING 101 – Everything you need to know before placing a bet

Football betting has become increasingly popular in Tanzania. With the population having a mobile phone penetration of 85%, almost everyone in Tanzania can place a bet with any bookmaker of their choice.

According to The Citizens news outlet, the football Betting industry in Tanzania rakes in over 700 billion dollars in revenue a year with over 2,700 betting stations placed all over the country and about 1,344 in Dar es Salaam alone. More and more Tanzanians see football betting as a source of income, and why won’t they when football betting has an outstanding monthly national revenue of Sh1.4 billion a month.

Football betting is more than just a source of income. For some, it is a hobby, while for others it is a way of life. If you are planning on joining or are already a part of the football betting bandwagon, there is no better market for bets than on the EPL.

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What is the EPL

The EPL is known as the English Premier League. It is the first division football league in England where the best 20 teams in the entire country compete for the coveted Premier League title. Notable teams in the Premier league include the big six teams (which are some of the best teams to bet on in the world)

EPL Logo

• Manchester united

• Liverpool F.C

• Tottenham F.C

• Manchester City F.C

• Chelsea F.C

• Arsenal F.C

Other mid-table and lower table teams in the English Premier league include Everton F.C, Leicester city F.C, Southampton F.C, Wolves, the list goes on.

The Premier league functions like every other football league, with each team playing against every other team in the league home and away (38 games each). At the end of the season, the top four teams on the table head onto the champions league, the fifth and sixth place head to the Europa League. In comparison, the bottom three teams get relegated and sent back to the championship, the division two of English football.

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Why you should be placing bets on the EPL

With so many games to play and many twists and turns, the English Premier League is one of the best leagues to focus on. The EPL is the most-watched football league in the world with over 4.7 billion viewers meaning there are enough data and good predictions for you to pick from online.

The EPL is also the most competitive league globally, meaning that every single season is different, with no monopoly over who wins the league. Each year, a new winner comes up, which is excellent because the more unpredictable an association is, the higher the bookmaker odds

Bookmakers usually post-high odds for EPL. Based on how fun it is to watch the EPL and how many after game programs the EPL has, you will undoubtedly have fun while placing your bets on EPL teams, every week.

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Where can I get the best EPL predictions

The EPL is so popular around the world. With this popularity comes a lot of legit prediction sites and many more fake or untrustworthy prediction sites. When looking for advice on what football match to bet on, go for only the tested and trusted prediction sites with an excellent record of User Cashouts and are equipped to capitalize on the big data available on the EPL using specialized Algorithms. Most prediction services make their predictions through;

Prediction algorithms: computer programs that bring up predictions based on operators' football data supplied to it. This is the surest form of predictions.

Individual punter predictions: these predictions are made by analysts of the prediction site who take themselves as experts in football predictions. 

Fixed games (supposedly): these sites claim to have insider information on what will happen in a game based on manipulating those involved like the players, coaches, or even the referees. Fixed games are usually fake most of the time.

In going for prediction sites, beware of trusting sites that offer correct score games. An accurate score prediction is a prediction made by saying the exact score the match will end before it is played. For instance, if Arsenal F.C were to play Chelsea F.C, an example of a correct score prediction would be to say the match would end 2-1, 3-1, or 1-0.

Sadly, although correct score predictions can win a lot of odds if true, they are highly unreliable and based on the pundit's personal opinion. There is no way to know exactly what score a match would end exactly. Stay clear of sites that offer fixed games up to 95% of fixed game sellers are fake and will make away with your hard-earned money.

EPL Stadium Fans Liverpool Goal

Where can I get the best EPL prediction tips

There is no place to get reliable EPL prediction tips than right here at Our EPL Bets feature is in a class of its own with guaranteed wins for users that use our predictions every week. EPL BETS 

Here at, we offer the best EPL predictions based on our vast stores of data used to make each and every prediction as precise as possible with the help of our specially designed prediction algorithms. We have the most detailed EPL data used to ascertain the form of teams playing based on the number of wins, goals scored home and away, key player form, and other metrics that assure you of sure wins when you use our predictions.

Our predictions are based on match-winner and over/under predictions. Match winner predictions are made showing what team would win a particular match. In contrast, the over/under predictions are used to predict how many goals a team would score. For instance, an over 2.5 prediction means the team would score 3 goals and above, while an under 2.5 prediction means 2 or fewer goals will be scored in the game.

Match winner and over/under predictions are the most won bets when it comes to football betting, so with our system, you are assured of wins weekly.

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Football betting for some is now a viable source of income, while it is a good hobby for some. If you are looking to test the waters of football betting or you are into it already, we highly recommend placing stakes in the EPL market. When using prediction sites, make use of only trusted websites. With EPL Bets, you are assured of getting the best prediction service available on the internet.

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