Football Jackpot – The Ultimate Guide

Jackpot, Football Jackpot

| 10.07.2020
Football Jackpot – The Ultimate Guide

Competition breaks the monopoly. Therefore, the major players in any competitive market try their best to offer their customers unique services. They offer services that will keep their customers stuck to them without searching for any other options.

The gambling industry is not in the least any different. Being a competitive market, many bookmakers introduce something different to set them apart from all others. All the big boys in the industry have their own unique offerings, special bonuses, and innovations that attract and keep their customers. As a matter of fact, many sportsbooks offer more than one benefit to the punters, which helps them jump right into the industry's stiff competition.

What is 1x2 Betting?

One of such special promotions is the football jackpot deal. A football jackpot is very similar to a big accumulator with results of over sixteen selected games across the different leagues in the world. The selected matches are mostly from the English (EPL & Championship) league and the Scottish league. Some bettors usually throw in games from other popular European domestic leagues like the Bundesliga, the La Liga, and the Serie A just to mix it up.

Jackpot (Accumulator Bets) Betting

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An accumulator bet is also referred to as a multi-bet. In an accumulated chance, you combine a series of different bets (also known as legs) of single events or whole games and consolidate the games into one bet. The advantage accumulator bet has over every other betting form is that the compiled odds of the different legs are multiplied. This makes the odds very high and yields an excellent profit. This is one of the reasons why this betting form is very popular with beginners.

Do not be carried away with the huge profit that comes with the accumulator bets because the risk is equally high. This is because you have to predict every single event accurately, making the chances of getting a wrong prediction higher with every added game. If one out of the stakes is wrong, the whole stake will be lost. Accumulator bet goes with all kinds of betting strategies like the double chance bets, handicap, wincast/scorecast, and the fulltime/halftime.

Example of an Accumulator Bet

bwin multibet

If you want to make good profits from your accumulator bet, do not combine more than two or three legs. It is advisable to select a leg that is 90% sure to happen and add it to another bet that is less likely to happen. This gives you more profit when the odds are multiplied. It is much better than betting on just one event. Let’s consider the following scenarios:

Assuming you are placing your bet on a double (2 legs), choose your first leg from the Bundesliga game between Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen. You wager on Bayern Munich as a sort of sure bet at 1.29 odds. You choose Eintracht Frankfurt vs FC Augsburg at 2.15 odds on a home team win. Multiply the two odds, and you will get total odds of 2.78, which is a higher odd than betting on just one leg.

You can also add another leg to your accumulator bet to further enhance the overall odds. This is known as a treble (3 legs).

To boost the overall odds in your multi-bet, you can combine more than two legs into one accumulator bet. But, remember that the more games you add, the higher the risk involved. So we implore you not to add more than a third leg. You may not get massive odds from the third leg, but you sure have a good chance of winning your bet.

  1. First leg: Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen – Tip 1 (1.32 odds) +
  2. Second leg: Aston Villa vs Manchester City – Tip 2 (2.40 odds) +
  3. Third leg: Liverpool FC vs Leicester City – Tip 1 (1.25 odds)

When you add up all these odds, you’ll have a total of 3.96, which is a good odd, and you also have a high possibility of winning the bet.
In spite of the right prospects of having high odds when you add up more bets & fewer banks, you still need to keep a low risk and just bet on two banks and an excellent 3rd leg.

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Football Jackpot Prizes

Football jackpots are extraordinary because of the prizes they offer, week in, week out. You can get around 70% of the entire net pool. This translates to a minimum jackpot prize of $100,000. The overall net pool is expected to be way larger than that, with the thousands of bettors betting on lines every time. For example, if the overall pool accumulated is $500,000 and 70% of that amount is $350,000. If fifteen selections will get you the jackpot and correctly predict the entire fifteen selections, you will earn a share of the $350,000 or the whole amount if you are the only one who got all the selections correctly.

Bet9Ja Jackpot Screenshot

If you come very close to winning the jackpot, but you didn’t win it, you will get consolation prizes. For example, if you got fourteen out of the fifteen selections correctly, you may get 20% of the overall net pool. That is $100,000 out of the $500,000 used as an example.

You will also get a decent profit even if you get thirteen out of the fifteen selections correctly. In this case, you will get 10% out of the entire net pool. That means, out of the net pool of $500,000, you will get $50,000 or a share out of it.

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How Can You Take Advantage of Football Jackpot

To take full advantage of different bookmakers' football jackpots, you must visit a reputable and reliable football prediction site. A site that offers accurate predictions and the best football tips for jackpot betting and our site is the best for that. Our algorithm predictions have proven track records of accurate results. Apart from being the biggest prediction site, our football tips are integrated with all major bookmakers via API. Our algorithm produces value bets predictions for free.

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Instead of wasting your funds and investments on wrong predictions, why not try out prediction site today to get a taste of what consistent winnings feels like.

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