What is 1x2 Betting?

| 10.07.2020
What is 1x2 Betting?

1x2 bet is one of the very popular bets in football betting. It is also popular in sports whose outcome is likely to be a draw. 1x2 bet is also known as three-way betting, full time betting and match betting. 1x2 may seem to be a strange betting name, which can confuse most bettors who are just coming into the sports betting market. If you are a regular punter, you would have come across this bet hundreds of times.

The phrase 1x2 means that there are three possible outcomes in a game. The 1 stands for an away win, the X stands for a draw and the 2 stands for a home win. There is a chance of having a handicap betting in the 1x2 market. The displayed odds show the chances of the outcomes happening.

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How Does a 1x2 Bet Work?

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Just like we said earlier, 1x2 bet means that there are three outcomes to a match played by two teams. And the three outcomes are represented by X, 2, or 1. To fully understand how 1x2bet works, we will be using some illustrations.

For instance, if there is a league match between Manchester City and Aston Villa, the full-time outcome market will read: Manchester City = 1, because Manchester City is the home team; Aston Villa = 2, because Aston Villa is the away team, and X standing for the draw. Considering the odds, the bookmakers may display Manchester City’s odds at 1.36 because they are often seen as the favorites, Aston Villa’s odds at 8.50 being underdogs and a draw at 4.75.

This simply means that if you stake $100 on the home team (Manchester City) win, you’ll earn a return of $136 if they win the game. Aston Villa to win will make you a potential return of $850, and staking on a draw will earn you $475 if the outcome of the game is a draw.

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Is it possible to combine two of the three potential outcomes?

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Of course, it is very possible to combine more than one outcome in the 1x2 bet. This is called the double chance bet. It simply means that you can decide to stake on X2, 1X, or 12. With this, you can have a draw or away win, home win or draw, and home win or away win.

The chance of winning your bet becomes higher when you combine two outcomes. However, the odds of combining two outcomes is usually lower than the usual 1x2 market.

Let’s calculate the potential difference in return with the Manchester City vs Aston Villa match.

1x (Manchester City or Draw) – 1.83 odds. A stake of $100 will give a potential return of $108.30
x2 (Draw or Aston Villa) – 3.20 odds. A stake of $100 will give a potential return of $320
12 (Manchester City or Aston Villa) – 1.20 odds. A stake of $100 will give a potential return of $120

You can use a bet calculator to calculate the profits you’ll make by combining two of the three potential results when you use the double chance betting or in the usual 1x2 market.

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Other Sports Using 1x2 Betting

The 1x2 market is very popular with football. However, football is not the only sport using a 1x2 bet. There are several other sports using the market.
As a matter of fact, almost all sportsbooks offer the 1x2 betting market on all team sports, especially is there is a possibility of having three outcomes – away win or draw or home win. It doesn’t matter whether the possibility of having a draw is very slim. Sports like hockey, rugby, and cricket are becoming very popular among bettors whose favorite market is the 1x2 bet.

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Taking Advantage of the 1x2 Betting Market

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