10 Easy Steps to Win More Football Bets

| 10.07.2020
10 Easy Steps to Win More Football Bets

With bookmakers offering over 100+ football league markets and over 200 types of bets to be made on a particular game, Football betting is both exciting and highly technical. Some people win it big in football betting raking in money in millions of

Tanzanian shilling while others keep on losing. We won’t be discussing why people lose, no we will be discussing something better. We will be talking the ten easy steps to win more football bets, and if you pay close attention, you could be on the way to winning all your bets.

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1. Make fewer selections

Greed plays a massive role in football betting, and at times, you pile on the bets so you can make more money with a lesser stake. Making too many selections is a big mistake. Fun fact; bookmakers lose most of their money to single bets. Even from a mathematical point of view, you stand a higher chance of winning with lesser selections. So do your research well and pick only a few games and stake better.

2. Know football inside out

Punters who follow up football regularly usually make better bets because their ears are on the ground. When you watch football well, you are more likely to know which teams have weak points and against who. Some big teams lose consistently to an unusually small group, but the bookies could give the bigger team more odds. Knowing football inside out is an edge that could make you seal more wins.

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3. Don’t bet using your emotions

Emotional Betting Man Lost

This tip is for all the die-hard fans out there, keep your team support sentiments out the door the moment you want to place a bet. Just because you’re a Chelsea fan doesn’t mean Chelsea would win a game because you want them to win it, betting with your emotions will lead to you losing money. At the same time, your favorite team also takes a loss.

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4. Remember the bigger team doesn’t win all the time

Remember, Iceland went on to beat England out of the 2016 Euros with a squad of unknowns (apart from maybe Sigurðsson). The point is the more prominent team doesn’t always win, and you look into it there are a lot of examples. You don’t want to be unawares when they lose to a small team at the bottom of the table So keep that the “bigger team will win” mentality aside and bet smart.

5. Try less popular leagues

A good thing about football betting is the ability to diversify, so do just that. Check out other lesser-known leagues in Africa, Asia even the major league soccer in the US. There's no difference between the football played in different associations from the football played in the top 5 leagues, so give them a try. If you forecast well, you are bound to find some lovely bets.

6. Use multiple bookies

This tip is another reason to diversify in football betting different bookmakers offer different markets, different odds, and other services that set them apart. To get the best out of football, Betting, try multiple bookies to see which ones give the most bonuses or the best odds. After your done, you could narrow it down to the beat three bookies then go with them.

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7. Don’t pack multiple small odds

Some people feel that “oh, if I load the accumulator with multiple small odd bets, I’ll make more money, and my stake would be safe.” This is wrong. Funny thing is the way bookmaker accumulators work is that the higher the odds, the more senior the turn out so packing on multiple small odds will just increase your risk of losing your stake. Since more games are played, so with this tactic, you end up staking for an outcome that is not worth it while putting your stake at more risk due to more bets.

8. Make sure you understand the market

This tip is a no brainer. Don’t go placing bets you don’t understand. Take your time to know what each market means, for instance.
• 1- home win
• X- draw
• 2- away win
• Over 2.5- more than three goals in a match
• Under 2.5- less than three goals in a match
• BTS- both teams to score
• DNB- draw no bet, if the organization you choose wins, you win the lottery, but if they bring, you get your money back (no chance).

Most good bookmakers offer over 200 bet markets, take your time to understand each one. Then based on your analysis and forecast make a better, you are sure could win.

9. Try lesser-known markets

It won’t hurt to try lesser known markets when bets. A lot of winning potential lies in those markets people don’t try out, and if your good at your analysis, you could be on your way to making better bets through them. Examples of such markets include; double chance plus over/2.5, corners halftime/fulltime, winning margin, and so on. There are over 100 unknown markets to choose from, depending on your bookie.

10. Place value bet and use only legitimate prediction websites

Value bets are guaranteed to make wins based on mathematical analysis against the bookmaker's odds. There are several ways to get value bets. You could even calculate them yourself, but the best way would be to get them from legitimate prediction websites.

Also, another edge in a winning punters arsenal is an excellent prediction website. Don’t get me wrong. You can do it all on your own, the analysis, the forecast, the odd checking, but why do all that when other betting professionals can do it for you at no cost?

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Here at, we offer the best predictions of our specially created algorithms that use data from the largest football data stores on the internet. We also provide premium value bets. When it comes to winning more bets with Tanzaniatips, you can’t go wrong.


It doesn’t matter if you're new to online football betting or you’ve been in the game for years. If followed correctly, these ten tips will give you the edge you need to make it big in football betting.

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