Everything you need to know about MBet Normal Bets

| 24.08.2020
Everything you need to know about MBet Normal Bets

MBET NORMAL BETTING - Mbet are calling single bets on their site "Football Normal". The meaning of it is that these bets are placed on a single event. The result of the bet and any potential win or loss is determined solely by the outcome of that single event.

Mbet Normal Betting

MBet is a bookmaker that has gained good grounds in Tanzania ever since it arrived in 2017. They have successfully earned a great market share, and from 2017 till now, a good number of bettors have been able to cash out big with them.

In case this is your first time hearing about Mbet normal betting, or you have heard about them but would like to know more, we‘ve got you covered. In this article, we will be doing a full review of Mbet.


MBet has designed a really nice user interface for its customers. Their betting platform is professionally designed with tabs neatly outlined. Match fixtures from different leagues in the world are listed, so bettors can easily make their choice. The types of betting are not limited. They give you different betting options to choose from depending on how much risk you are willing to take.

Mbet normal betting screenshot

They have a smart live support system that you can chat with to get answers to some of your questions. It doesn’t stop there. They have their phone lines displayed, so you can place a call to speak with one of their customer care agents.

Thanks to their mobile app, you open new accounts and place all your bets with your smartphone. The downside to the mobile app is that it is designed only for android. That is those with mobile phones running with iOS cannot make use of the app.


Mbet TZ Bonus Loyalty

Unlike most bookmakers, Mbet normal betting doesn’t have so many promotions to boast of. They have just two main promotions. Loyalty Bonus and perfect 12 Jackpot. The Loyalty Bonus promotion can be very rewarding for smart bettors that know how to use it well.

MBet rewards all frequent and new customers with this interesting bonus. But just like any bonus, you have to do something to earn it. Here you are rewarded with 500 Tsh when you place five tickets and 5,000 Tsh with your MBet account.

You get the bonus instantly when you meet the requirements. What’s more, the bonus is not a onetime thing. You can get the bonus for as long as you want. All you have to do is meet the requirement, and then you are rewarded with the bonus.

For the perfect 12 jackpot, you have to correctly predict the winners in 12 different match fixtures. MBet also requires that you make 5 extra predictions for 5 extra matches. These extras would only be considered when there is a canceled bet among the 12 predictions.

Mbet TZ Jackpot

The entry fee is just 1,000 Tsh, and you stand a chance to win a lot of money when you have more than 9 correct predictions.


MBet normal betting has different deposit methods that should be very easy and convenient for the average Tanzanian bettor. You can deposit money into your wallet via Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel, and Halotel. Once you create a wallet by filling out the registration form, you can start making deposits using the most convenient option for you.

Apart from making deposits via these traditional methods, MBet makes it possible for you to place bets directly through your mobile operator. This is truly a unique feature that you don’t find with many bookies.


The withdrawal methods are pretty much the same as the deposit options. Again, you can make withdrawals via Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel, and Halotel. These withdrawal methods are safe and secured. Once you win your bets, your money is saved in your bet wallet, and you are free to withdraw whenever you want with any of the withdrawal methods.


As a bettor, one of the most important things for you is the bookmaker you use. Some boxes need to be checked before you pick a bookmaker. With MBet normal betting, so much has been done to enhance your success as a bettor.

They have great promotions that are sure to reward your loyalty, and with little money, you stand a chance to win a lot of money when you bet in their perfect 12 jackpot.

But even with a great bookmaker, you still have to make correct predictions before you can win money. This is where we come in. We make your good betting experience with MBet better by giving you accurate football predictions based on our prediction algorithms.


If you are tired of losing most of your bets, that can stop today when you follow our predictions. We have a reliable system that produces football predictions with high accuracy and using our predictions with Mbet normal football betting is the best combination for winning bets. All you have to do is to follow our website for free.

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