History of Football in Tanzania - How Tanzania Football Federation has improved football in Tanzania

| 09.09.2020
History of Football in Tanzania - How Tanzania Football Federation has improved football in Tanzania


This is a topic that might be considered uninteresting to many bettors but trust me. It’s more important than you think. Looking at football history, especially for your country, makes it easy for you to understand past football trends. What's more, it makes you appreciate what you have now and gives you a clearer picture of what to expect in the future. It's a fun and exciting topic that should catch the attention of every bettor.

But before we go ahead to discuss the history of football in Tanzania, it is important that we take a closer look at the origin of football (soccer) and how it made its way to Africa and then Tanzania. When we look at that, we will then proceed to talk about the present state of Tanzanian football and the TFF, Tanzania Football Federation.


Football retro tanzania football federation

The earliest form of football predates back to the 12th Century in England. Back then, the game didn't have any set of rules, and many historians agree that the matches were more violent and rough than it is today. They say it was so violent that some death was recorded. The first attempt to create rules for the game was in 1848 in a meeting held in Cambridge.
However, more standardized rules were established in London in 1863, when the first football association was formed. This association determined the standard size and weight of the soccer balls we see and know today. That's interesting to know.

So, how did this sport find its way to Africa?


tanzania football federation zanzibar boys playing

Well, since football started as a European sport, it is obvious that it was introduced into Africa by its colonizers. The first football matches in Africa were recorded to have been played in 1862 when the sport hadn't even had most of its present-day rules. The first African match was recorded in South Africa between civil servants and soldiers. According to Historian Peter Alegi, the game spread from South Africa to other parts of Eastern and Northern Africa through mission schools and military interactions.

Thus, in the early 1900s, football became popularized in East Africa, including Tanzania and North Africa like Algeria and Egypt. Notably, in 1882, Savages FC and Gezira FC became the first teams in Africa. From that time to the early 1990s, more teams started coming up from other parts of Africa.

This led to a widespread of football in Tanzania and Africa as a whole. But obviously, there must have been a lot of improvement from that till now. Well, let’s find out.


Football Tanzania

Ever since football gained it fully grounded in Tanzania. It has been quite difficult for Tanzania to make it to the international scene. I mean, since 1930, when the first world cup was played, Tanzania has never qualified. Many consider this to be so disappointing, but a few people are still optimistic.

However, this seemly slow progress is not only seen in Tanzania but also in some other East Africa countries like Kenya and Uganda. To drive the development of football in Africa has a whole, the Confederation of African Football was founded in 1957.

To further increase the development in different regions of Africa, regional football organizations were founded. For Tanzania and other countries in Eastern and Central Africa, the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA) became an official organization in 1973. In addition to that, each country in CECAFA has its national federation that manages its national football.

For Tanzania, the national football is called Tanzania Football Federation. This organization is responsible for how far Tanzania has gone in football. It is impossible to take about the history of football in Tanzania without mentioning the TFF. Therefore, it important that we know more about their history.


Tanzania football federation

In Tanzania, the TFF is the governing body of football. It oversees the Tanzanian football leagues as well as the Tanzania national team. They are the key drivers of the development of football in Tanzania.

They were founded in 1945 under the name Tanganyika Football Association (TFA). But later in 1971, when there were amendments in their constitution, the name was changed to the Football Association of Tanzania (FAT). The name was used for a long time until 2004 when the body held its General Assembly on the 27th of December. It was during this meeting that the name was changed to what we now know today – Tanzania Football Federation (TFF)

After several General Assemblies, the current Tanzania Football Federation Constitution came into force. From 1971 till date, the body has been headed by six presidents. In 2017, Wallace Karia took over from Jamal Malinzi to become the president and is still the President of TFF. Under his administration, a lot has been done to empower different blocks and regions of the TFF.

In terms of international affiliations, the TFF has several long-standing affiliations with several international federations. In 1964, the TFF was officially affiliated with FIFA, and a year later, in 1965, it became affiliated with CAF.

In 2008, the Tanzania Soccer Academy (TSA) was created. The academy was created as an avenue to inspire young footballers in Tanzania. They provided full scholarships to players in Tanzania to further increase the passion younger Tanzanian players had for football.

To improve football-playing conditions, the National Main Stadium was opened in Dar es Salaam in 2007. To date, the Stadium stills host major matches in the Tanzanian Premier League as well as host matches of the Tanzania national football team.


Clearly, there is still so much to be done to improve Tanzanian football. I mean, the national team has never qualified for the world cup, and in fact, they have never won the African cup of nations. However, regardless of all these, looking back at our history, we are hopeful that the future holds good things for Tanzania football.

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