Top 5 Football Streaming Sites In Tanzania

| 16.09.2020
Top 5 Football Streaming Sites In Tanzania

As a football fan, you wouldn’t always have the opportunity to be in front of a TV. You could be outside your house while a match is going on. Therefore you need an alternative to watch the match without a TV. 

Well, thanks to streaming sites, football fans can now catch any football match on the go, wherever they are. With a smartphone or any device that connects to an internet connection, you can easily visit a football streaming site anytime you want to watch a match. The importance of a football streaming site is clear. However, the question is this – which streaming sites are the best? As you proceed with this article, this would no longer be a question.

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1. Homepage

If you are looking for a site to stream live football for free, you should consider Cricfree football. Apart from football, you can stream a wide variety of sports. They have a large collection of sports you can stream on the site for free. Also, apart from, they have two other websites under domain names; and They all have the same features, but each has its unique user interface.

For all the sport in Cricfree, it also offers multilingual streaming. In other words, you can stream the matches in different languages. There are so many sports and matches on the site, but Cricfree makes it easy to spot football matches by placing the picture of a small soccer ball with football matches. Cricfree football is uploaded daily with upcoming football matches, so you will always be well-informed about upcoming football matches. However, it is impossible not to notice the ads on But because they offer free streaming, then it makes sense for them to have ads.

2. Streamwoop


Streamwoop is another great streaming site that offers football streaming services for free in Tanzania. Like most streaming sites, they offer a wide range of sports streaming from tennis, baseball, basketball, etc. Streamwoop has a very simple user interface that makes it very easy for users to navigate their website.

Upcoming live matches are clearly listed on one side of the homepage. In case you can’t find an upcoming match, Streamwoop has included a search bar to help you with that. You can easily type the name of a team in the search bar to see if they have an upcoming match.

One of the best parts about Streamwoop is that there are so many things to stream from the site. Apart from live football matches, you can stream your favorite football video again as well as any other event that relates to football. In case you missed a match, Streamwoop is one of the best places for you to watch highlights. The videos' quality is great, and gladly, you can use all their services without any registration.

3. Stream2Watch


If you want to catch any football match from different leagues in the world, then Stream2Watch should be considered as an option. They have a very simple interface that comes with varying selections of language. There are so many football matches available for streaming on the site. In fact, according to the site, about 15,000 live football matches are streamed every year from the website.

Their services are completely free without any hidden costs. The streams are presented in very good video quality, but the video could take longer than expected to load sometimes. Each live stream features a chat section where you can chat with other football fans watching a match.

Due to the ads that pop up while streaming, the viewing experience could be interrupted, but with an ad blocker, you can easily deal with it. In all, with the dark theme interface and the neat layout, Stream2Watch is easy to use even for new users.

4. Mama HD

Mama HD

Mama HD is yet another popular football streaming site in Tanzania. They feature football streams from different leagues in the world. Mama HD is known for how well they arrange upcoming live football matches on the site. The date and time of the matches are clearly stated beside upcoming matches, so you are well-informed about every match schedule before the match. That way, you don't have to miss a match.

The site features an online chat section too, but many users have complained about it being unresponsive sometimes. Mama HD works well on both desktop web and mobile, but it is not so mobile friendly. Nonetheless, the video quality is good, and more importantly, it is free to use. On the other hand, because it is free, the website generates its revenue by providing ads and redirect links to other websites.

5. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV has become a valuable asset for Tanzanian football fans to stream live football. Apart from live streaming features, the website also offers live scores. So, if you are only interested in knowing the score of a football match, then you can check Live Soccer TV. Another unique thing about Live Soccer TV is the news section. The news section features regular news updates on any recent happenings in the football world.

Live Soccer TV contains a whole lot than live football streams. The site has a team tab where you can get all the information you need about any team in the world. And just in case you would like to watch a match on your TV, Live Soccer TV has a channel section that gives you a long list of TV channels where you can catch the game.

The user interface is elegant, making it very easy for users to find their way around. In all, the fact that you get all these features for free makes Live Soccer TV an excellent choice for live football streaming.


So, you no longer have to worry about missing any football match again. You can easily catch all the upcoming football matches from your phone or PC. From Cricfree football down to Live Soccer TV, all the sites we talked about in this list all offer free services. It's left for you to choose any one of them that works well for you.

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