Is Mr Predictor a good prediction site? – What you need to know about Mr Predictor

| 11.10.2020
Is Mr Predictor a good prediction site? – What you need to know about Mr Predictor


It is easy to say your favorite club will win a match, but predicting any match's outcome is not by loving a team. It is also not by hating a team. It would be best if you had a working plan on what the game is about. 

A working plan involves getting the right bookmaker and harnessing all the free things to boost the amount you win. However, most people forget the importance of having a good tipster. 

Yes, getting the best tipster will help you in the betting world. However, you must watch out for some things before getting one. One is the quality of prediction offered by the tipster. Another is your accessibility to the tipsters' platform.

In this article, we will review Mr Predictor, one of the modern betting world's tipsters. Mr Predictor is a football tipster related to Premier Bet, a leading sports betting site located in Malawi. Premier Bet offers pre-match and live betting to provide you with better betting opportunities no matter where you are. 

The review would be based on quality of tips provided, the pros and cons of using Mr Predictor, and other features.

mr predictor

Mr Predictor Review: Prediction Layout

Mr Predictors prediction layout is unlike any other. It does not involve the statistics analysis surrounding other sites. You will have access to prediction in a separate URL from the main website for every game week. For every match, Mr Predictor will say his views on the match and predict the possible outcomes. 

The prediction will dwell on the capabilities of both teams. It will then go on to pinpoint what the possible outcome will be. It can be a straight win, over/under, and match winners. Alongside the prediction are the odds presented by Premier bets.

The prediction layout, while simple, is deemed low due to the lack of comparison between the teams. There is also no statistical reference to back up the possible outcome. 

Pros and Cons

In order to review Mr Predictor well, we must highlight the pro and cons associated with the platform. This is only possible after checking the users' experience, prediction wins, and platform features.


  • It is easy to understand what Mr Predictor predictions.
  • It is free.
  • There are no disturbing onsite ads.
  • Low date usage on mobile and PC platforms


  • The prediction analysis technique is not clear.
  • The predictions are only for popular matches. 
  • There is no interaction between the users of the platform.
  • They deliver odd based on only Premier Bets.
  • It does not have a live score connected unless you go over to Premier Bets.

Mr Predictor Detailed Review

We will delve explicitly into reviewing Mr Predictor by talking about the Homepage Layout, Predictions, user interfaces, and other things. 

Homepage Layout

mr predictor

The homepage layout is user friendly and easily accessible. You do not need to register to be able to access the site. The prediction is available for anonymous users and those that are an active user.  

The homepage layout is very simple and features only the Top News. Here Mr Predictor relays his predictions in simple ways. The feature is from top to bottom and contains the prediction for the week.

User Experience

The most frustrating thing is trying to visit a website with a slow load speed. To remove that possibility, many soccer prediction platforms ensure that their website has a good loading speed, and this improves user interaction. 

mr predictor

Mr Predictor website is easy to navigate. It is a section from the original site (premier bets) and only has one section: the TOP NEWS. 

Here, anonymous users can see the tipster's prediction of coming matches. On the sidebar is the Lotto and Bet Now, which will lead you to the parent site (Premier Bets)

The site is supported by all platforms, whether mobile or pc. However, it has a simple feel to its look. 


mr predictor

Prediction on Mr Predictor is only visible via the TOP NEWS. The prediction is presented as a Title, and each title contains about 4-6 match predictions.

Also, the way the prediction rolls out seems like someone playing a safe card. The analysis is not that in-depth. This makes it look more like a soccer page. 

Mr Predictor boasts of a high turnover rate. For example, on Aug 1 matchday, 4 out of 5 games prediction were correct, and on UCL quarterfinal games, 4 out of 6 were correct. Yet, there is still a factor that can mislead people. 

The factor is not visible in the prediction but the surrounding words around the prediction. Users get to see how the tipster predicts a match's outcome but later become confused because of how the words are structured.

While it is not ideal for relating that to Mr Predictor relations to the betting site, it is still plausible. This is what tipsters like us avoid. Users are assured of the best predictions with no direct relationship to a bookie due to the lack of a conflict of interest.

Also, the prediction is not available for sorting. There is no statistical comparison between teams. All Mr Predictor does is compare the teams based on the current form or a standalone player and decide the winner. There is notable for the number of wins, losses, and other head-to-head comparisons of the two teams, which are all visible in our predictions.

Other features

Reputable prediction websites like us have Live Stats embedded into the design of their website. The display of live stats makes betting easier and could sometimes increase a bettor’s chances of winning. Sadly, Mr Predictor lacks this. 


Mr. Predictor is a reasonably good tipster. However, when put head-to-head against tanzaniatips, there are so many things that make Tanzania Tips better. Apart from giving free predictions, there are so many resources on the site that can help you become a successful bettor. And more importantly, without any direct relationship with any bookmaker, you can be sure that there is no conflict of interest with us.

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