Gal Sport Betting – Are they the right bookmaker for you?

| 09.11.2020
Gal Sport Betting – Are they the right bookmaker for you?

Gal Sport Betting: Are they the right bookmaker for you?

Gal Sport Betting is a popular betting platform in Tanzania. Learn more about them and how they provide an exceptional betting experience. 

What You Need To Know About Gal Sport Betting, and Why They Can Be Right Bookmaker For You

Classifying a bookmaker as the best depends on many factors. Some people choose a bookmaker because of their website design. Still, we know even the worst betting site can have an excellent website. 

Gal sport bet homepage screenshot

To us at Tanzaniatips, we consider many factors before deciding if a bookmaker is right for you or not.

These factors include ease of operation, bonuses and promotions for new and existing new customers, ease of payment, and customer service. 

In this article, We'll be review Gal Sport Betting, an online betting site that is becoming increasingly popular in the Tanzanian betting circles. At the end of this article, you will see why they are a reputable and trusted bookmaker in the Tanzanian betting industry.

Becoming a Member of Gal Sport Betting 

Becoming a member of Gal sport betting is very easy. To register an account, go to their website and click on "Join." The process is as simple as ABC, and you only need to provide the information listed below. 

How to register in Gal sport bet

- Phone number.

- First name. 

- Last name/Surname.

- Password.

Gal Sport Betting Promotions and Bonuses

Nothing attracts new bettors to a bookmaker than bonuses and promotions. Gal Sport Betting entices new bettors with their first deposits and the Refund Bonus. 

On the one hand, the "First Deposit Bonus" allows new bettors to receive a 100% bonus on their deposit. And on the other hand, "Refund Bonus" will enable users to accept returns for their bet even if a single match prediction is wrong. 

Having a good bonus and promotional package system helps to improve customer interaction with a betting platform. Here, Gal Sport Betting does an excellent job. While they provide top-notch services, there is a leveled and more profitable ground for bettors to win money.  

Do well to check their website for the full terms and conditions of their promotions.

Gal Sport Betting Odd and Betting Selection

Gal Sport Betting offers betting opportunities in different leagues and tournaments from all over the world. Whatever football league you want to bet on is surely on the site.

Therefore, you have access to a wide range of selection and better-predicting capability. 

Best odds on Gal sport bet

Betting on their website, too, is pretty straightforward. The design aids an immersive betting selection module by running every click from a standpoint. This makes navigation and prediction of matches very simple for the average bettor. There are many options available for you to predict a game. For example, in the football category, you can do the following.

- Predict a team to win.

- Predict the number of goals.

- Predict who to win in Half and Full time, and so on.

The platform also supports live bets, jackpot, and virtual sports for a better and more profitable betting experience for those interested in these things. 

Gal Sport Betting Deposit 

Gal Sport Betting has an effective depositing system. There are two ways you can deposit: Shop and USSD. 

Gal sport bet deposit

-Shop Deposit

Shop deposit allows you to deposit any amount of money in your account by visiting a physical Gal betting outlet. They will give you a deposit code, which is only redeemable on your account online. You can redeem the code by visiting the Shop tab online, where you will input the code to credit your betting account.

-USSD Deposit

USSD deposit is easy, and you can do it at your comfort, whether in your home or the office. To use the USSD deposit procedure, you must have a Mobile Money account. Also, there is a limitation, the minimum you can deposit is 500 TSH, and the maximum is 4M TSH.

Dial the code *148*53# and make an online deposit. You will need your Client ID number you get from the website for the process. Enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm the process. They will give you a deposit code, which will also have to redeem on your account. You can redeem the code by going to the USSD tab on their website, input the code, and complete the other required processes. Once you are done, your betting account is then credited.  

Depending on what you like, both methods are good options. USSD deposit allows for cash deposits anywhere, even though the limit can be a turnoff. If you live near an outlet, Shop deposit is the better method of depositing cash into your account.

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal

Like depositing, there are also two procedures for withdrawal: Shop and USSD withdrawal.

How to withdraw on Gal sport bet

-Shop Withdrawal

To withdraw from your account via Shop:

  1. Choose Shop withdrawal.
  2. Press the amount you want to withdraw and complete the process. You will receive an email that contains the withdrawal code.
  3. Take the code to a shop, redeem the code, and collect your cash.

-USSD Withdrawal 

USSD withdrawal method will allow you to withdraw to a mobile money wallet at your convenience. Visit the withdrawal page and input the amount of money you want to withdraw, and then complete the process. Like the deposit method, there is a limitation. You can only withdraw a minimum of 1000 TSH and a maximum of 3M TSH per transaction.

Both methods are reliable and very secure. However, USSD withdrawal is more attractive due to its convenience. However, bettors that deal with large cash might find it useless when they consider the limitation.

Gal Sport Betting Customers Service

Customer support isn't so bad, like other bookmakers. The platform allows users to communicate their problems and wait for a solution via email. The time frame of answering varies. Therefore, it belittles its customer service capability. However, they have their phone lines clearly displayed on their website to call them if you want an urgent response.

Gal sport Bet customer care service


Gal Sports Betting captivates us in terms of their website design, ease of interaction, and the amazing offers they have for old and new bettors. They need to work on their user experience by providing a mobile app. Nonetheless, they are still a unique bookmaker for bettors in Tanzania. Try Gal Sport Betting and get a better betting experience today. 

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